Hawk Sport to a Falcon SEV2 - What are the differences? - Phil Noel (copyright)

Are you thinking of converting your Century Hawk Sport to a Century Falcon SEV2? Contrary to what some may think, there are far more parts between these two helicopters that are different then there are that are common to each. Here are the parts the Hawk has in common with the Falcon SEV2 and the differences.

1 - Main Rotor Head to Swashplate: The HI3184 blade grips, the HI3189A bell mixer arms, HI3152C washout hub and the HI3152C washout levers are the same. EVERYTHING else is different. The Falcon SEV2 comes with longer composite 600mm Hurricane mainblades that harness the power of the 46 & 50 size engines very well. The Falcon has bearings from the CNBB1001 bearing upgrade kit on the bell mixers and washout arms instead of the bushings. It has a 6mm feathering spindle instead of the 5mm unit, which also require different radial support bearings and include thrust bearings in the blade grips. It has a different rotor hub/yoke assembly that features a machined metal hub, which in turn requires a different seesaw assembly. This also now supports the 4mm flybar system from the Predator instead of the Hawk's 3mm unit. This assembly uses a flybar control yoke instead of two separate flybar control arms. It also incorporate a full metal swashplate instead of the metal/composite unit from the Hawk.

2 - Frames and servo tray: The H13107 upper side frames, the start shaft system and the fuel tank are the same. But the HW3115C lower mainframe set and the HW3115A servo frame set are different. As are the HI3122A landing gear struts and the HW3123A landing gear skids. Of course the HW3018 motor mount is also different.

3 - Two-stage drive system (here there are more parts in common): They both use the same clutch, clutch bearings and fan, but the Falcon uses the HI3010A machined clutch bell and the H13010B pinion. Both also use the same primary drive system except for the upper pinion (the 14T CN2224) is different from the Hawk's 13T unit. They both use the same mainshaft and maingear system but the Falcon comes with the optional CN2231A slipper clutch tail drive unit. If you are converting and are proficient in backwards autos, here I would suggest that you forgo the slipper system and go right into the CN2263A constant drive system with the grey CN2263F primary gear. This will give you a driven tail for your torque tube drive that is awesome and also change your gear ratio to 8.67/1 which will give great power and better fuel economy with the new 50 size engines.

4 - Mechanical CCPM control system (much the same): Here they come with the same system, except the Falcon has the additional bearings on all the control bellcranks from the CNBB1001 bearing upgrade kit.

5 - Tail drive: Here again we find a lot of difference. The HW3062A tail boom is longer, as are the HW3202C boom supports. In the Falcon SEV2 the drive system is the torque tube system that has a number of different components at the front and at the back of the system. Of course one could always convert to the longer wire-in-tube drive system from the previous Falcon III and SEV1, using the longer HW3063A wire drive inside the longer boom. This actually works quite well. The tail gearbox and gears are the same on both.

6 - Tail Rotor and pitch control: Here again is a completely different system. It is the same one used in the 60/90 size Predator. It features a solid machined steel hub and blade grips that feather on two radial bearings and a thrust bearing. NOTE: As this unit fits many other helis with 5mm t/r output shafts, it can also be used to upgrade them to a much more precise and stronger system. The tail rotor pitch control system uses the same rod guides but the longer HW3064E pushrod set and the HI3102C control bellcrank is different and is supported by two CNBB0360F bearings instead of the bushings from the Hawk.

7 - Canopy, windshield & fins - these are the same, just the decals are different.

As you can see, there is a lot more difference then meets the eye between the Hawk Sport and the Falcon SEV2 or Raven 50. This is why I generally recommend that when one wants to step into a hard core 50, he is better off to just sell someone his 30 and go out and buy the Falcon SEV2 or the Raven 50. In the end it will cost a lot less and he will have a totally NEW helicopter.

But it may be worth it to some to turn his Hawk Sport into a personalised "Hawk 46". In this case, he can just buy the inexpensive but far more powerful OS46FXH and the CN3033B muffler combination. Then add the longer 600mm CN2324 wood blades (or better yet the CNF6026G grey composite blades) to the existing rotor head. Also add the CNBB1001 upgrade bearings to the control system. Change to the HW3018 motor mount to and the CN2224 pinion gear to accommodate the bigger motor. Change to the longer HW3062A tail boom to accommodate the longer mainblades. Then add the longer HW3063A wire drive and the HW3064A tail control rod to go with the longer boom and voila….you will now have a very nice little 3D hot rod at a very low price.